Hi, I’m Laura, founder and Creative Director of MINTYPEA / CO. I founded MINTYPEA / CO. some years ago when I decided that I enjoyed variety and meeting new people and solving new problems. On every project I work on I continue to learn, meet more people and explore different companies, industries and opportunities. I have worked as an in-house designer and worked at some top agencies in Bristol and Bath so have a great breadth of experience to offer my clients. 

By working in collaboration with some of the top talent in the South West, I can build an expert team to specifically match your project requirements. Working as a smaller team without the overheads of a traditional agency, we can offer flexibility, time efficiency and be much more competitive. 

MINTYPEA / CO. can offer a full range of services:
Branding  /  Digital Design  /  Print Design  /  User Experience  /  IA  /  Web Development  /  Project Management and more.

If you’d like to know more, call me for a chat.

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