The Mount Studio Architects

The Mount Studio Architects are a small start up in Totnes, Devon. Thought up by husband and wife team Claire and Sam, their aim was to promote high quality design and a friendly personal service through a new online presence as well as building their social profiles.

Sam and Claire have almost thirty years experience in Architecture and design. They met at University and have been passionate about Architecture, design and interiors ever since. Both Claire and Sam maintain links with architectural education with Claire a design tutor at Plymouth University and Sam at Bath University. Working with the next generation of Architects keeps us energetic and enthusiastic about new challenges.

The brief was to create a brand and web site that really reflected their values and portrayed their passion to attract like-minded clients. I worked closely with the pair to help create a fluid, hand-written effect logo and accompanying graphic devices to help give a more personal and hand-crafted personality to the design.

The site was well received and Sam and Claire have a very successful business in Totnes.

Published by Laura

I'm a designer with over 11 years experience in the industry. I work across brand and print but my expertise is usability and web design. I have worked with large brands and start ups, in agencies, in house and for individual clients, so have a broad range of experience to suit any size project.

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