Umbraco Spark Innovation Conference 2018

Umbraco Spark is a new Umbraco innovation conference hosted by Gibe Digital in Bristol. For this project I needed to create a ‘cool’ new brand that appealed to developers across the globe and stood out from the swathe of Umbraco meet websites already established.

The name Umbraco Spark was set and that was really the only major parameter. I started off brain-storming and sketching after discussions with the Gibe team about how they wanted to brand to be perceived, brand values and what it meant to them. The logo development went through many iterations to get to the final ‘space rocket’ icon.

The branding for the whole event was fantastic and really showcased your team’s design skills. I really like the shirt and notebook you provided.

Anonymous feedback from Umbraco Spark

I tested the logo with the team and other external users to ensure it was recognisable and well-received. Alongside, logo development I built up a colour palette, selected photography and graphic devices. The website was designed to be very simple, display minimal information about the conference and sell tickets, so it needed to be bold and succinct and most importantly, responsive because of the target audience.

The website was supported by a host of branded collateral for the event itself, so the logo and icon had to work across digital and print media. I created branded promotional products including, notebooks, t-shirts, pens, stickers, lanyards plus posters, banners, podium signs and digital screens for the event.

Absolutely loved getting the notebook swag. A brilliant idea for an event orientated around idea generation.

Anonymous feedback from Umbraco Spark

The conference was a huge success and we received great feedback for the new Umbraco Spark branding and collateral. The conference will run again in 2020.

Great swag. Fab logo.

Anonymous feedback from Umbraco Spark

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I'm a designer with over 11 years experience in the industry. I work across brand and print but my expertise is usability and web design. I have worked with large brands and start ups, in agencies, in house and for individual clients, so have a broad range of experience to suit any size project.

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